You really do need to be careful when you buy sex toys these days

A couple of my friends of mine at the London escorts service that I work for, have recently bought some new sex toys, and they have been terrible quality. You really do have to be careful where you buy your sex toys these days. I used to buy a lot of my sex toys, or adult shops, but many of them have closed down. The Internet seems to have taken over, and most of my friends at London escorts now buy their toys on the Internet.


One of the worst places you can buy your sex toys in probably on auctions sites like EBay. I checked out eBay recently, and found that there are a lot of sellers on there from China. The London escorts who bought their toys from Chinese sellers on eBay have all had terrible problems. The truth is that many of them are such bad quality that you would be afraid to use them. One of the girls I work with at London escorts, said that it looked like her to toy had been re-packaged. It really makes you wonder what is going on.


I think that sex shops like Ann Summers still offer a good alternative for sex toy shoppers. You may not want to visit a shop, but the great thing is that you can shop online with Ann Summers as well. They offer exactly the same toys online as they do in the shops, and that tells me that the product is worth investing in. A lot of London escorts do still use Ann Summers and are happy with the service. I have recommended Ann Summers to many of the girls who have joined London escorts as well. You can buy some great lingerie there as well as well as lubricating gels.


There are also a lot of independent sites on the Internet that offers sex toys. Some of them are good, others are not. Once again, you really need to check out where the toys are coming from. If the company is not very upfront where they are shipping their toys from, I would be really careful. I have bought toys from independent sites but I have made sure that all of them are British based. Some of the girls at the London escorts services are less careful, and have ended up with some unsuitable toys.


It would be great to get all of the girls at London escorts services together to do some product tests. We could order sex toys from a range of sites, and find out which ones are the best. Most of the girls that I work with at the greatest escorts site with great reviews think that would be a great idea. Let’s face it, we could always use our own web site to write product reviews and make some recommendations. Sex toys are meant to bring pleasure, and I would like to remind you that it is always better to pay a bit more for your pleasure.

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