Male Escort First Time Experience With A Middle-Aged Client

James learned about escorts when he was in college and one of his friends used to tell him how rich men paid her just to have sex with her. At first he did not buy the idea, but after struggling financially he decided to give it a try. He searched the world ‘Escorts’ on his phone and that’s when he came across Eve Escorts. He went browse their site and decided he wanted to try being an escort.

On his first day he met a sexy and beautiful middle-aged woman. He went to the agreed hotel and was surprised when he found out that his client was older than him who had lots of experience with escorts, as she hired them regularly. He had never done this before and was hoping to get a younger woman with less experience as his first client. He became nervous, wondering whether he would perform well or not.

James was masculine and good-looking, and this gave the client a very good impression of him. They sat together on the bed and started chatting. The client asked him several seductive questions, and even though he was shy, he answered them anyway. The chat was to prepare him for the next big event, and when he failed to start off, the client made the first move. She held his cheeks and his lips locked into hers. They kissed passionately and he took control of the situation.

He laid her on the bed and started kissing her ears as one of his hands massaged her boobs. He caressed her bare breasts and then moved his tongue around them. He clenched one nipple between her fingers and his tongue rested on her belly. He removed her skirt and her vagina was already wet. He moved his hands around the pussy and his first finger rested on her clit as his tongue moved all over her thighs. Within no time, he moved his head from the thighs to the pussy and he licked her clitoris in the same manner a child licks an ice-cream.

The client was moaning while calling him all kinds of sweet names, and saying how much she needed him. When he realized he had given her enough stimulation, he lay on the bed and pulled her over. When she saw the big erect penis, she smiled excitedly. Starting with a woman on top position, the penetration was lively and spicy. They interchanged various sexual positions and within no time the client clenched his arms, and shuddered and screamed as she climaxed over and over again. He then abandoned himself to pleasure for an incredible climax.

After a while, the lady looked at him and said, “Where have you been for all this time?” letting him know he had truly pleased her. The client was so pleased that she gave him a good tip, and told him that she would definitely be using his services in future.

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